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My name is Angel! 🐭🌷🧀
I like to draw and run in the woods on all fours 🖍️✨
my favorite color is rainbow~! 🌈
I draw art that makes me happy, I hope it makes you happy too! 🌷🌻🌼

[email protected]

Hope you have an epic day!

terms and services

please read carefully

Please read through my terms and services before filling out a form for a commission! By filling out my commission form you are accepting, and consenting, to the terms I have listed on this page.

• OCs
• Fanart
• Humans/Animals/Anthro

• NFTs
• Gore

Please Note before buying

  • Buyer will receive 1) watermarked png file and 2) unwatermarked png file. You are free to upload the watermarked version online! Do NOT publicly upload the unwatermarked file online. Examples of ways you are allowed to use the unwatermarked file is as your icon or phone/desktop wallpaper and for personal use such as a print on your wall or as a tattoo design!

  • The prices on my site are for personal commissions only. The buyer may not reproduce the artwork for any profit. By purchasing a commission you have agreed that you will not be profiting off of my art in anyway.

  • If you would like a commercial commission please e-mail me ([email protected]) and we can discuss rates together.

  • By purchasing a personal commission you are NOT allowed to make money or redistribute the artwork for profit in any way. (Examples of a commercial commission includes art made for merchandise or a project with the aim to profit off of the artwork.)

  • Under no circumstances can my art be used for NFTs. I will not accept NFT commissions, and I will not allow my art to be used for the purpose of NFTs in any shape or form.

  • Commissions may be uploaded to my Social medias! (ex// on Twitter in the form of a post, or on my Tiktok as a time-lapse.) If you are not comfortable with me posting your commission publicly, please let me know!

commission process

  • Fill out the Google Form. There will be instructions on the google form to help you fill it out. You are able to fill out this form as many times as you like.

  • If I receive a commission request I am unable to do (ex// the form was filled out incorrectly or I am uncomfortable with the subject matter) I will email you personally to let you know I will not be accepting your commission.

  • If your commission request is accepted I will send you an invoice through Paypal and you will be added to my queue.

  • When i have finished the sketch for your commission I will contact you through your preferred contact method to check for any revisions.

  • Once you have approved the sketch I will finish your commission. Once the sketch has been approved by you I will only allow COLOUR revisions afterwards. No major revisions will be accepted after the sketch has been approved.

  • Commissions typically take around a month to complete. If you need the commission by a certain date you must let me know at least 2 weeks in advance. If there is any delay to your commission I will keep you updated.

Payment / Cancellation/ Refund

  • Payments will be made with Paypal with USD.

  • Please Note: I allow payment plans, but I will only start working on your commission once full payment has been made.

  • Payment is non-refundable and can not be withdrawn or charged back. Filing a chargeback will result in a ban from ever purchasing from Vanilla Cherie.

  • If I am unable to finish your commission due to personal reasons outside of my control (ex// health reasons) I will notify you and issue you a refund.

Other Questions? Contact me at

PRICES / Options

welcome to my shop, traveler

Please read through my terms and services before filling out a form for a commission! If there is a commission option not listed here that you are interested in please contact me via email or Twitter DMs~!!

animal drawing

$70 USD

Animal drawings! I can draw any animal! Whether be a pet, OC or fanart! Does not have to be a real animal, can also be fantasy animals!

more info

  • 2700x2700 px drawing with 300 DPI resolution

  • Additional character(s): $65

  • Mini background/props (ex// fairy wings, rainbows, food) are free!

  • Estimated completion time: please specify if you need the commission finished by a certain time.

- Prices updated 3/27/2022. Any commission requests submitted before this date will be invoiced with my previous prices.
- Estimated time updated 5/07/2022.